But, the major theaters continued to ignore Anita and she contented herself as best she was able with concerts at Perugia and Citta di Castello along with “Il Trovatore” at Vigevano.
The management of the Comunale knew that a treasure was theirs, and on 16 December, Anita debuted at her spiritual and actual home in “Nabucco” with Tito Gobbi and Boris Christoff. This time there would be no looking back.
Tullio Serafin conducted the revival and he expressed extreme satisfaction at the extraordinary preparation that had obviously been made by Anita, though she had been very concerned at his lack of critical comment, either positive or negative, during rehearsals.
One critic praised “her ability to rise to the cruelest demands of the role, while retaining the sweetest of tones”.
Time after time, “tour du force” was recalled by the press.