About Oberon's Reiza's prayer
This is a deeply moving and sumptuous reading.

" Cerquetti’s Act III lament is appropriately haunting, and so beautiful in the piece’s low tessitura that Ponselle is brought to mind, an artist who did perform this on stage and in the original English but who sadly left no recordings. Cerquetti’s delivery also reminds us that Reiza is a musical image of growing up. We have gone from the eager young girl scarcely able to contain her excitement in her Act I closing to this lament from a woman who has learned suffering and fear. The very plot of this opera concerns a rite of passage for two young lovers who seem to have come of age once their trials are over. This is mirrored brilliantly by Cerquetti’s conquest of vocal trials."

Don't miss this. It's worth a listen.

Geoffrey Riggs : - " The Assoluta Voice in Opera " , 1797-1847, page 61

Available for purchase at www.operacast.com/assoluta.htm .
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