Il Trovatore

 Leonora  Anita Cerquetti
 Azucena  Jean Madeira
 Manrico  Carlo Bergonzi
 Di Luna  Giangiacomo Guelfi
 Ferrando  Giuseppe Modesti
 Direttore  Rocco Guadagno
Act I, Sc. 2 - complete.
Act II, Sc. 1 - Stride la vampa to end.
Act II, Sc. 2 - complete.
Act III, Sc. 2 - Recit & aria - Ah si, ben mio.
Act IV, Sc. 1 - opening through D'Amor......
Act IV, Sc. 2 complete.
( Total performance time: 1 hour 35 minutes )

This performance of Oct 28, 1957 is not 100% complete and is not top level sounding.
But Anita's singing is absolutely THRILLING...
This Trovatore is one of the very best of all Cerquetti's recordings and no one who hears her " tacea la notte " will ever encounter that quality and homogeneity of velvet timbre with that fascinating contrast control.